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Web-Based Youth Ministry Management
An online community for your ministry, built on top of an elegant suite of event management and communication tools.

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How to get Started

1. You, the leader of a ministry, create a Tuggle account. This gives your ministry a unique web address at (Tuggle is completely web-based)

2. Tell your members to go signup at your Tuggle web address. Just email them the link, place it on your ministry/church homepage, and start spreading the word.

3. Glorious things begin to happen. Administrating events and activities becomes, dare we say, FUN. Staff morale rises, ministry community flourishes, and you live happily ever after.

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General Q & A

Is Tuggle church management software?

No. Tuggle is designed for ministries. Church management software, for the most part, is only used by a few select people on the church staff such as the church secretaries and accountants. Ministry leaders have drastically different needs. They don't work with accounting, child care check-ins, or Sunday attendance records. They work with their people and their ministry's events. So we built Tuggle for them.

Since Tuggle is designed to serve individual ministries, a large church will have several Tuggle accounts running at the same time. One for your youth or students, one for college, one for any special interest ministries, etc. But a smaller church would do better to have just one Tuggle account for the whole church.

Does it help us manage content on our ministry website?

No, we let your website reflect its own creative dynamic. Tuggle is your "back-end" management system and isn't meant to provide any design or presentation content to your site visitors (your webmaster is not out of a job). Still, you should place a link to your tuggle account ( on your church/ministry homepage to easily direct your members to it.

What do I need to run Tuggle?

Tuggle is 100% web-based. We host, run, and manage the servers and databases. So all you need is your PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet computer with a web browser.

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