Discovering Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

In my early youth I remember my whole family took a vacation to a 4 star hotel in the Caribbean. Upon arrival I immediately became enchanted with how clear and blue the pool water was. It was just too perfect. In my mind swimming pools were just like a giant bath tub, and I couldn't reconcile why I had never seen such healthy water. My father began to explain to me the many facets of swimming pool beauty, including the technical aspects of cleaning and maintenance (he owned a pool service company). I learned how clean water appears bluer the deeper it is when under direct sunlight. He taught me the necessary pool chemicals that kill algae, about pH and how it affects water chemistry, how water balance is related to calcium hardness, and the basics of sanitizing pool water. Of course, at that young age, I wasn't able to comprehend everything. But I began to understand the importance of a pool maintenance company and how my dad made a living for us.

Since Tuggle is based out of the Dallas/Fort. Worth region, (click here for Austin regions) we compiled a list of recommended pool service companies for homeowners. You won't be disappointed with the level of honest, professional service they consistantly provide.

DFW Pool Cleaning Companies

Westlake Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
250 Randol Mill Avenue #189
Westlake, TX 76092
Pool Cleaning Westlake, TX

Trophy Club Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
301 Trophy Lake Dr #345
Trophy Club, TX 76262
Pool Cleaning Trophy Club, TX

Southlake Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
2704 East Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX 76092
Pool Cleaning Southlake, TX

Roanoke Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
600 Henrietta Creek Rd
Roanoke, TX 76262
Pool Cleaning Roanoke, TX

Pantego Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
2225 Duluth Dr
Pantego, TX 76013
Pool Cleaning Pantego, TX

North Richland Hills Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
9147 Boulevard 26 #810
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Pool Cleaning North Richland Hills, TX

Mansfield Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
117 N Main St
Mansfield, TX 76063
Pool Cleaning Mansfield, TX

Keller Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
251 Town Center Ln #3500
Keller, TX 76248
Pool Cleaning Keller, TX

Hurst Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
829 Northeast Mall Blvd
Hurst, TX 76053
Pool Cleaning Hurst, TX

Grapevine Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway
Grapevine, TX 76051
Pool Cleaning Grapevine, TX

Grand Prairie Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
3040 West Camp Wisdom Rd #250
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Pool Cleaning Grand Prairie, TX

Euless Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
304 North Main St
Euless, TX 76039
Pool Cleaning Euless, TX

Dalworthington Gardens Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
2500 S Bowen Rd
Dalworthington Gardens, TX 76016
Pool Cleaning Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Colleyville Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
1128 Glade Rd
Colleyville, TX 76034
Pool Cleaning Colleyville, TX

Bedford Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
609 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX 76021
Pool Cleaning Bedford, TX

Arlington Neighborhood Pool Cleaners
210 W Main St
Arlington, TX 76010
Pool Cleaning Arlington, TX

DFW Pool Service Companies

Select Westlake Pool Service
3 Village Circle
Westlake, TX 76262
Pool Service Westlake, TX

Select Trophy Club Pool Service
2003 Texas 114 Business
Trophy Club, TX 76262
Pool Service Trophy Club, TX

Select Southlake Pool Service
1256 Main St #295
Southlake, TX 76092
Pool Service Southlake, TX

Select Roanoke Pool Service
1224 N Highway 377
Roanoke, TX 76262
Pool Service Roanoke, TX

Select Pantego Pool Service
3610 W Pioneer Pkwy
Pantego, TX 76013
Pool Service Pantego, TX

Select North Richland Hills Pool Service
6851 Northeast Loop 820
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
Pool Service North Richland Hills, TX

Select Mansfield Pool Service
990 Hwy 287 N #25
Mansfield, TX 76063
Pool Service Mansfield, TX

Select Keller Pool Service
940 Keller Pkwy
Keller, TX 76248
Pool Service Keller, TX

Select Hurst Pool Service
1113 West Pipeline Road
Hurst, TX 76053
Pool Service Hurst, TX

Select Grapevine Pool Service
416 South Main St
Grapevine, TX 76051
Pool Service Grapevine, TX

Select Grand Prairie Pool Service
1630 East Main St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Pool Service Grand Prairie, TX

Select Euless Pool Service
305 W Euless Blvd #760
Euless, TX 76040
Pool Service Euless, TX

Select Dalworthington Gardens Pool Service
3100 W Arkansas Ln
Dalworthington Gardens, TX 76016
Pool Service Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Select Colleyville Pool Service
16 Village Ln #250
Colleyville, TX 76034
Pool Service Colleyville, TX

Select Bedford Pool Service
1424 Airport Fwy
Bedford, TX 76022
Pool Service Bedford, TX

Select Arlington Pool Service
3811 South Cooper St
Arlington, TX 76015
Pool Service Arlington, TX

DFW Pool Maintenance Companies

Westlake Local Pool Maintenance
2600 J T Ottinger Rd
Westlake, TX 76262
Pool Maintenance Westlake, TX

Trophy Club Local Pool Maintenance
2800 E Highway 114 #430
Trophy Club, TX 76262
Pool Maintenance Trophy Club, TX

Southlake Local Pool Maintenance
2225 W Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX 76092
Pool Maintenance Southlake, TX

Roanoke Local Pool Maintenance
13465 Raceway Dr
Roanoke, TX 76262
Pool Maintenance Roanoke, TX

Pantego Local Pool Maintenance
1553 South Bowen Rd
Pantego, TX 76013
Pool Maintenance Pantego, TX

North Richland Hills Local Pool Maintenance
9101 N Tarrant Pkwy #430
North Richland Hills, TX 76182
Pool Maintenance North Richland Hills, TX

Mansfield Local Pool Maintenance
2771 E Broad St #50
Mansfield, TX 76063
Pool Maintenance Mansfield, TX

Keller Local Pool Maintenance
204 S Main St #421
Keller, TX 76248
Pool Maintenance Keller, TX

Hurst Local Pool Maintenance
1714 Precinct Line Rd #52
Hurst, TX 76054
Pool Maintenance Hurst, TX

Grapevine Local Pool Maintenance
1527 W State Highway 114
Grapevine, TX 76051
Pool Maintenance Grapevine, TX

Grand Prairie Local Pool Maintenance
567 West Pioneer Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Pool Maintenance Grand Prairie, TX

Euless Local Pool Maintenance
2800 State Hwy 121 #450
Euless, TX 76039
Pool Maintenance Euless, TX

Dalworthington Gardens Local Pool Maintenance
2515 W Pleasant Ridge Rd
Dalworthington Gardens, TX 76016
Pool Maintenance Dalworthington Gardens, TX

Colleyville Local Pool Maintenance
5615 Colleyville Blvd #402
Colleyville, TX 76034
Pool Maintenance Colleyville, TX

Bedford Local Pool Maintenance
4101 Highway 121
Bedford, TX 76021
Pool Maintenance Bedford, TX

Arlington Local Pool Maintenance
4738 Little Rd
Arlington, TX 76017
Pool Maintenance Arlington, TX

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